Japan – The Noto Peninsula

Japan – The Noto Peninsula
offered by supplier M06468

Key Information:
Tour Duration: 8 day(s)
Group Size: 2 – 12 people
Destination(s): Japan
Specialty Categories: Bicycle Touring   Cultural Journey
Season: May – November
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: Yes
Minimum Per Person Price: 4595 Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 4595 Canadian Dollar (CAD)

In Enigma of Japan will only begin to reveal only to you in this dynamic combination of active and cultural experiences. Will travel from Tokyo and Nagoya to Kanazawa city to begin your ride in a rural area of the Noto Peninsula in the Sea of Japan. Will play on beaches, Yanagida walk in the botanical garden, and to listen Dragonfly Stream in forested park land. In another garden, you will hear about resonance of Buddhist bell. You can stop by the house Rokugo be revitalizing a glass of tea, or if you wish, in long, but beautiful tea ceremony. In early spring, you can ride through sweet, soft aroma of delicate pink cherry or plum blossoms. You can stop to watch one drop of water, make a circle after circle goldfish swim below the surface of the lake.

In mid-May a hundred thousand irisi bloom to create a surreal atmosphere. In the fall, orange, red and other colours autumnal rustle of intensity that will startle and amaze you. Whenever you visit this most beautiful area flourish of traditional Japanese culture in this astonishing, stilling place’ll leave happy. We will meet you at the airport in Nagoya, from where they will travel to the start point in Kanazawa city. Then the cycle will Wakura SPA, explore and hike Notojima Island, then to a cycle Wajima, and follow the coastline around this fabulously beautiful peninsula, with a brief diversion to the interior to enjoy hot springs and fantastic in ryokan-style lodge.

Finally, you’ll visit the website of UNESCO Shirakawa-go – an area known for three floors, nail plastic free “clasped hands” thatched roof houses and exceptional beauty, with opportunities for tourism and cycling. There are some climbs and descents, but for guided tours, your support vehicle will be easier to ensure your happiness and safety.

2008 tandemen Dates: 22-29 March, 18-25 May, Nov. 1 / 8.

Special groups at any time. Tour starts: Nagoya, 10:00 am Day 1. Easy transfers from Tokyo and Osaka of Shinkansen train. Best lodging choice is Marriott hotel in railway station. Tour finish: Nagoya, 12:00 hours. Day 7.

Route Notes: This is a rich cultural experience that will be most appreciated as calm riders interested in a different experience. There are several hills, and “rewards”. Calm riders will be assisted by van support already climbs (guided tours only).

Tour itinerary:

Day 1: meet at Nagoya airport or your hotel easy afternoon for an early transfer of Kanazawa – a city of castles and three large gardens in Japan. Accommodation: Hotel hakuchoro, Kanazawa.

Day 2: 65 km. Ride coastal roads with highlights including Uchinada dunes, Keta Taisha Shrine, Myojoji Temple and Wakura Spa (50 km). Ganmon stop in town to see a translucent cave and cave mouth (60 meters deep). Unique rock formations and optional boat trip to see Togi rocks. Incredible swim in the blue green water (considered one of the top 50 beaches in Japan). Accommodation: Togi Seaside Villa, Togi.

Day 3: 65 km bicycle on coastal roads to Wajima, or optional hiking to explore parks by Notojima Island (10 km). Holidays in Japanese style ryokan filing. Special items: Dragonfly and electricity in the spring of 1000 irisi; Sojiji Temple. Holidays in fantastically located Japanese style ryokan facility. Accommodation: Wajima Onsen Yashio Ryokan, Wajima city.

Day 4: 80 km. Morning Study of Wajima city, followed by 80 km cycling for Noto. Special items: Lacquerware known as Wajima-Nuri, one morning in the market for Asaichi-dori Avenue, “Kiriko” (height festival lanterns), sea view at Cape Rokko. Accommodation: Hyakurakuso Ryokan, Noto.

Day 5: 50k. Noto to Noto, a ride inside the Peninsula to see Tokikuni old house. Ride along Koiji Beach – purportedly a “long beach in the world”. Primarily afternoon hike in Tsukumo Coast (99 Bay). Accommodation: Same as last night.

Day 6: 60 km. Noto to Wakura Onsenv through Notojima island peaks with snow-covered Japanese Alps, since our background. Spend the night in Wakura Onsen, one of Japan more popular “Onsen Towns. Accommodation: Tadaya Ryokan, Wakura Onsen.

Day 7: Distance variable. Morning transfer to Shirakawa-go, at the base of Mt. Hakusan in Hakusan National Park. Hike in the mountains, or the ride, regardless of Shirakawa-go and Hakusan. Accommodation: Magoemon Gassho Zukuri in the style of Ryokan, Shirakawa.

Day 8: Morning transfer to Nagoya, with easy railway links to Osaka or Tokyo for the Shinkansen train.


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