New From ShelBroCo!

Back in the Olden days, the city cyclsts, used to fight along overloaded bicycles, schlepping tents, cookstoves, fuel, pots and pans, ground cloths, stinky, sleeping bag, mosquito net, spare clothes, toilet paper and other t junk.

In overloaded bicycles compare one tons, and had eensy-weensy chainrings and the huge rear sprockets, enabling them to crawl difficult even to a small hill.

This was before all the greatest invention ever cycling: Credit card Touring! The credit card tourist, you do not have to tote each of which junk!

Just bring your reliance on credit card and buy what you need when you want to be! Now you can make a modern machine is surprisingly made of exotic metals and plastics fancy that anything but the most important thing!

At the end of hard day riding, you can stop at a luxury hotel to recharge your batteries. Also, you can recharge your cell phone, your global positioning system, your PDA and your iPod. Try that on a wooded campsite!


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