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List of bicycle parts

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* Axle – as in the generic definition, a rod that serves to attach a wheel to a bicycle and provides support for bearings on which the wheel rotates. Also sometimes used to describe suspension components, for example a swing arm pivot axle.

* Bar ends – extensions at the end of straight handlebars to allow for multiple hand positions.

* Bar plugs aka end caps – Handlebar plug – plugs for the ends of handlebars.

* Bearing – a device that facilitates rotation by reducing friction. The most common types are ball, roller and sleeve.

* Belt-drive – alternate to chain-drive

* Basket – cargo carrier

* Bottle cage – a holder for a water bottle

* Bottom bracket – The bearing system that the pedals (and cranks) rotate around. Contains a spindle to which the crankset is attached and the bearings themselves. There is a bearing surface on the spindle, and ones on the cups that thread into the frame. The bottom bracket may be overhaulable (an adjustable bottom bracket) or not overhaulable (a cartridge bottom bracket). The bottom bracket fits inside the bottom bracket shell, which is part of the bicycle frame.


Cascade Gearing Up For Green Bike Project 2.0

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Cascade Bicycle Club is taking the lead on this year’s Green Bike Project 2.0 and plans to roll out the program in May 2010! This year Cascade will target employers and employees in southeast Seattle and introduce commuting by bike to an increasingly wider community.

Last year 120 people of 200 completed their pledge to reduce drive-alone trips by more than 60 percent and earned their bikes. Together, all new riders biked over 111,000 miles in over 9,000 bike trips. Participants in this year’s program will get a chance to earn their bike by reducing drive-alone commutes by 50 percent, and receive other rewards too!


Lowriders Super Show in Las Vegas

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lowriders bikeThe next champion that you need to know is Isidro Juarez from Houston, Texas. Isidro, the family and their “Prophecy” ’71 Schwinn from Rollerz Only Car Club are now officially titled the 2004 Lowrider Bicycle of the Year champions! Can you see the fireworks from Houston? We sure saw the excitement alright in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the recent Lowrider Magazine 2004 Super Show!

The road to the Super Show success is never easy and if you plan on locking handlebars with the latest batch of ’04 champions, you’re gonna be in for a big and nasty surprise. This year’s main event Super Show took place just north of downtown Las Vegas at Cashman Field on October 10. The stakes were high and the battle was on. The only thing missing was a three-rope wrestling ring in the middle. (more…)

Green Web Hosting Materialization

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Webmasters are unable to attain their niche market without the help of web hosting services and related hardware available in most data centers. In reducing data center emissions, most hosting companies decided to go green.
Green web hosting was in short supply few years back. Lately this kind of hosting has emerged into the public eye. There are several companies which began to be 100 percent green and others eventually converted. Even other well known providers switched to a greater eco-friendly alternative.
Several of these companies began reprocessing waste paper and used bio-fuel for heat up procedures. This directed data centers to used alternative resources like geothermal energy, wind and solar. Read more web hosting reviews regarding this particular service.