Stabalizing The Stable

It seems like every year I have been to acquire one maybe two bicycles. Some of necessity, simply because other. Ultimately it has created spare room filled with more than 8 full bicycles and boxes of parts, many of whom will probably never see the light of day. I kept many of these thing “just in case” because you never know when you may need a new wall 27x 1 1 / 4 wheels. This spring I decided to need to do something, because stable outside control.

The first part of cleaning to rid of some random parts, which were reserved for so long, even I can not why their once kept them. This is easy and painless. Pages bicycles generally not been as easy. Two I put up for sale, another to give immediately, and one I parted down the framework that has thus become known to the art project. All in all pages of the ways is good for me. But with all this paring down the bicycle was left with little of the void. I needed a do it all bicycles.

Together, which came in Karate. For years I wanted a 29’er. And do it all bike, which could fill many dreams, so when I had the opportunity to snap already enjoy a great price, I could not resist. I have already had numerous Tarzan walks and several road vozi on it, one that it was drunkeness in the river bank. This is always a good time. Now I make sure my other bicycles started to feel slightly left into the new world that resembles my life cycling. But there are many days a week and even more in months, a lot of time travel at all.

This bike along with my bike, certain travel accessories, and an old “twenty” folder have become the main stay of my riding. I have stabalized stable, at least for now. Create a better combination, which is adapted to the flat rate of tolerance and attitude levels. Thus, a perfect combination, and a renewed love for utilitarnoto character of bicycles.


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