Cascade Gearing Up For Green Bike Project 2.0

Cascade Bicycle Club is taking the lead on this year’s Green Bike Project 2.0 and plans to roll out the program in May 2010! This year Cascade will target employers and employees in southeast Seattle and introduce commuting by bike to an increasingly wider community.

Last year 120 people of 200 completed their pledge to reduce drive-alone trips by more than 60 percent and earned their bikes. Together, all new riders biked over 111,000 miles in over 9,000 bike trips. Participants in this year’s program will get a chance to earn their bike by reducing drive-alone commutes by 50 percent, and receive other rewards too!

Past participants have stated that the Green Bikes Project brought cycling into their normal routine and changed their lives. Our helmets go off to those participants who demonstrated that commuting by bike is possible (even fun!) and we look forward to changing the lives of a new group of riders this year.


The Green Bike Project 2.0 is currently full! Thanks to all organizations who submitted applications for the 2010 program!


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