bike to work

Goto Work With Bicycle

If more people biked to work, we would have clean air and quieter streets that require less maintenance. So why not Commute by bike? Here are 12 common excuses and 12 answers to these excuses:

1. It is too far to make
If you live too far from work, consider driving part of the way and riding the other. This is particularly useful if the work is congested traffic area. Reducing the use of motor vehicles to help the environment and become a bicycle commuter who luo will raise the other side of the rotation, when driving. Or you can ride the bus part way. Bike racks have been installed in several full-sized city buses. When you are together bike, riding to save fuel and money. $ 10 Monthly bus accepts plus bike can take you anywhere you want to go.

2. It takes too long
You’d be surprised! As traffic in urban areas, cycling as a whole, less time than driving TRIPS three miles or less and approximately the same time, three to five miles off. From long trips, consider that should save time, only when exercising daily commute. Also, remember to savings of time, money (and environmental) when to remove the gas pump visits.

3. I should be much earlier if rode my bicycle
If the commute is less than 10 miles round trip, the difference between the commute time is irrelevant. But even if the commute is longer, 30 minutes extra sleep will not be nearly as strengthening as early morning of the ride. Arrival alert you, at work and refreshed. Similarly, the evening ride home should leave you more relaxed because they do not face the deterioration of the meeting in Rush Hour Traffic. I need not be any influx of night-stop production. You already have!

4. I am in form
If you leave yourself much time to go and easy pace, you’ll find cycling is not more difficult than walking. As the ride more, you can easily penetrate to oman in better form, condition of the building, which is a normal part of your schedule. If you have any health problems, please contact your family doctor suggestions to get started.

5. I can not afford particular bicycle in motion
You do not need it. Your help old bicycle collecting dust in the garage is sufficient if it is correct and supported, and it is less attractive to thieves. If you have recreation, bicycle, you can outfit it is a light rack and bag, or use Fanny pack to take the necessary elements to commute. When fixed costs to operate the vehicle by about $ .30/mile, money that will save you from the wheel moving average of 10 miles round trip to buy a $ 400 bicycle in six months. (Not to mention the health benefits or savings for the environment.

6. There’s no safe place for my bike
It is perhaps storage room and toilet, where the bike can be secured behind locked doors. Maybe you might even take it with his office – what status symbol! Or, to check and see if it is available for parking near the buildings or garages. Otherwise, it is a fixed location, back row, change, lock, preferably where you can see it.

7. I have to dress nice for work
Some of the bikes, just to make the Business clothes – they seem to command great respect, motorists. Most ride in random or cycling clothes and may change when they arrive. You can change clothes, repack, or panniers, bike, or even to transport them back and forth for days, if not ride.

8. I can not shower at work
Depending on the weather conditions may not need a shower, if the ride is solar pace. If not, contact your washcloth, soap, and towels and cleaning Dezodorant rest is sink or search of a public body or health club to walk away from the place where you can shower. Then, to encourage employers to install showers, where he works.

9. What if it’s rainy or cold
Let’s start with the most fair weather bicycle commuter – when the prognosis is poor, not by bicycle. Some people May conquer the elements and commute every day, but this does not mean you are. If you only ride for the time when the report is positive, he will continue to make dramatic improvements. The more you can enjoy the wheel in motion, the more you look forward to your ride on a daily basis. Can not finally decide to invest in rainwear and cold weather gear will be able to commute throughout the year!

10. It is not safe to make the move
You can share the road to a successful car riding lawfully and assertively. Fear of riding in traffic is often much higher than in the actual risk. Most bicycle accidents involve children and cyclists who fail to comply with the law. To minimize the risk of riding correctly – visible, predictable, and then all traffic laws. In a stop and go traffic, which entered wheels may remain in trafficking more smoothly, so that is acceptable to maintain a place in oman road network. Hugging calls for limiting the threat because cars are trying to compress the past. You can prevent damage Always use a helmet. You can also reduce the risk of riding transport by using less congested secondary roads. You can travel a few extra miles but can enjoy the ride, and beneficial to trade off.

11. I have to ride in the dark
Wear a light colored reflective clothing, the use of sound and lighting to choose a route that avoids major thoroughfares. There are a variety of bike-mounted lighting, which can help you see and be seen.

12. I want it to work by car
Some workplaces do not need a car, a number of transport tasks could also be carried out and bike. Learn about the employer and see if the company does not necessarily have the advantage of more environmentally sound image if the company bicycle. Believe that many of the traditional tasks adapt well to cycling, whether it is police work, reporting, mail, etc. If you absolutely can not be used as a bike to work, then the use of bicycles for personal matters in the workplace and at home.


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