Cycling memories with antique-bicycle

Information Bicycle
Sepeda onthelKlaten – Central Java
Indeed, no one gets when the Land of Java as a surname (land gemah ripah loh jinawe), at least it felt that only Karto, one of the villagers Pedan kabupaten Klaten district, Central Java. Every morning an old bicycle paw own “said this person name jeans bike, bicycle for chinese wong cilik alias bike for most people” that always accompany the faithful work in the paddy fields belonging to skipper onion in the village Mr.Karto. Road in this place is still generally broad, although not all have been asphalt. The majority of the population use bicycles as a means of transportation other than the main motor and pedicab. They have at least 2 to 3 bike onthel. Means of transportation is a bicycle-friendly environment, energy efficient, economical and good for health.

Fact can also be a bike show classes or social strata someone. Approximately 60 to 70 years, someone’s appearance can be measured from the bike they have. If there are people who ride a bicycle brand Rely mumps and garbus style cowboy hat, he was immediately able to guess those with high social or rich people. Any person who has a bicycle type Northon, Gazzele, Fongres, Roadter, Raleigh, Humber, Thumber, Gimbar favorite bike up to the Sri Sultan HB IX and Panglima Besar Jenderal Sudirman, Simplex type Scuilt, emerged from among a large and berduit or class of stata social level. “If the general Mr.Camat here, skipper onion, sugar mill foreman, sinder sugar cane, rice and owners, employers’, Karto said.” Although the time is now modern, the majority of people still put the bicycle as a primary means of transportation, “added Karto.

With the sound of a typical bicycle, check .. check .. check and light use, the bicycle on the bike with different our [most people]. The framework is also different, more sturdy framework discount, use thick leather and buckle to the back bar. Owners generally leave the cat in the form of original bike as well on the device lights, dynamo boss, saddle, handlebar, and the other bell. Average antique bicycle is output between the years 1927 to 1945. The older, more expensive and more difficult in the search.
By: Anindya Sukarni


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