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47 Reasons Why People Cycling

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47 Reasons Why People Cycling

  1. Cycling improve mobility of people who can not use vehicles.
  2. Cycling improve self-confidence for people who do not have the expertise drive cars or motorcycles.
  3. Cycling can be a bottleneck due to saturation due to a motor vehicle.
  4. Cycling is the best vehicle for people who do not like to drive a motor vehicle (cars or motorcycles).
  5. Many alternative routes to the destination with cyclists.
  6. Bicycles are the most efficient vehicle in the world.
  7. With cycling at the same time the practice of patience and ingenuity.
  8. With more people cycling can make a save.
  9. Cycling reduces stress
  10. Bicycles are one of the most effective means of therapy for the spirit of life
  11. Bicycles are one of the tools body fitness therapy
  12. With cycling makes us more familiar on the road
  13. Cycling can improve the quality of life
  14. Cycling can save you the cost of membership sports and fitness center.
  15. Cycling does not have a regular with the side effects for the body.
  16. Cycling has a positive effect for the environment
  17. Cycling able mengakrabkan neighbors and friends traveler
  18. Cycling can bring together people who have a healthy life the same purpose.
  19. Bicycles are free from letter tilang
  20. If there is congestion on the bicycle path, they can still enjoy each other with the chitchat between the cyclist, and even make an appointment with lunch.
  21. Time tempu more easily predicted
  22. Easy to find parking place
  23. Land is always free parking (except overseas)
  24. Reducing the area of the city parking lot for car / motorcycle you, so that more of the city park.
  25. If menggowes lazy, you can still lead a bicycle through a pathway.
  26. Reducing air pollution
  27. Energy efficient, because it does not use fuel, transmission oil, freon
  28. Reduce the noise, because they do not have exhaust
  29. Where it can break without causing congestion
  30. If the flat tire, can be treated as easily bring your own spare tire
  31. Unprecedented bicycle collision that caused death throughout the history of the world
  32. Increase awareness of cycling between, a struggle is the same boat
  33. Cycling can improve heart health
  34. Can reduce excessive body weight
  35. Increasing appetite for fat to
  36. Can increase productivity in the workplace
  37. Make the husband more quickly and return to the house (for fear benighted on the road)
  38. Make the wife happy, because they never requested help encourage bicycle when pushing the car as if it broke down.
  39. Make you sleep more soundly without smoking
  40. Will never be in touch with the office because the police do not need a driving license Letters
  41. If you move house, a bicycle was easy
  42. Bicycles can be taken when you want to picnic
  43. Bicycle path in the environment capable of anything; pavement, soil, rocks, and even climb a mountain.
  44. Your bicycle can also be used by children or wife easily, not like a car or motorcycle you ..
  45. Bicycles can be brought into the park, or recreation center
  46. Bicycles make you more cool, because a variety of bike accessories is very interesting
  47. Cycling more brisk.

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