Bicycle Informationsasosiasi-bmx-indonesia

Bike is a sport is a dynamic, creative and growing from year to year. This is particularly clear in the BMX bikes, where the young servant always trying to change the forms difficult and requires courage and satisfaction. Development Round, which is always innovative year on year, followed by improving the skills of users in the use of bicycles as a BMX bike enthusiasts in India, marine or associations to prepare and publish progress BMX bike, especially the young officer and the public.

For BMX cyclists in Indonesia, then April 1, 2001 established BMX bike fans of the club by the name of the BMX Indonesia. Association is a ship or associations formed by a group of BMX bicycle was Notary observers operating in January 9, 2003 and is known for Sportbike Association of Indonesia (ISSI) in 24 th February 2003. The idea of the association must be able to determine the communication and information about the development of the Talents, skills and people who like BMX bike with the consumer throughout Indonesia.


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