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lowrider-bikesAfter we entertained by the cyclist with the beautiful old nan with photos ajaibnya collection and also discussion of the issues around a bike, now I want to show the image of a bicycle is quite another, not including bicycle ontel but this is one evidence of the development of the train wind as a means of transport and also as a bike fan creativity.

This is often called the bicycle model with the Low Rider, have a front fork equipped Springer / per (often called the model cangkrang) and the bar that is wider than the size of general, there are only brake on the rear tire with a torpedo … if viewed from the frame it may be us will occur with the model bike within our small first (1970s to early 1980s) era before the famous mini-bike and BMX, bicycle model is usually used to wear this banana seat model, stretching back to back and equipped with a small pipe from the tower to the top …. and usually in the second end of the bar will be colored tassel, tassel Warni of plastic …

Modifications to this bike to a bicycle-style bicycle from United States, other models with the base frame is the same model only Ape Hanger bar (high up) as often seen in the motor2 gede, in Jakarta there are some fans of this type of bicycle, one of the associations lowrider regular gathering in Kemang area, South Jakarta.


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