future bicycle

Wow, Robot on Bicycle Wheel One!

muratadalamTokyo – The more kind of a robot designed by scientists. Ability robot-robot also increasingly diverse, even a new robot creation can now ride a bicycle wheel as a man in the circus performance.

‘Murata Girl’, so the name of this Japanese robot origin. Form of physical creation robot Murata Manufacturing company as a small child. He had such a sensor to maintain a balance so that the body is able to control a bicycle wheel to the front and back.

Murata Girl is a ‘brother’ Murata Boy, a robot creation Murata Manufacturing in 2005. Murata Boy, but it seems rather less sophisticated because Murata Girl ‘only’ capable of controlling two-wheel bicycle.

DetikINET as quoted from DailyMail, Thursday (25/9/2008), an electronic eye made of ultrasonic sensors will let the robot not to hit things while cycling fun. While robotik brain robot helps to change the direction of a bicycle. Murata Girl said although able to remain balanced in the position does not move. Robots that have a weight of 5 kg can also be controlled by people with Bluetooth technology.

Murata Girl plan will be used in schools across Japan for the sake of education and also as stars in the television ad. Young children are also expected to play it as a fun friend.


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