Armstrong, accused of several anti-doping test

Lance Armstrong risk after an appeal in the fight against doping (AFLD) for the rules, without warning, during a test last month. According to a statement by the AFLD, for 37 years in America “does not meet demand, remain under the direct supervision of a permanent auditor, shower 20 minutes before the blood, urine and hair. Armstrong, who, after forming in southern France,amstrong March 17, if the alleged violations of the rules do not have access to abuse and insists that only the identity of the test.

“I have never heard or public laboratories and experiment with drugs had no idea who he is or if truthful,” he said in a statement on the official website of Team Astana. “We said want testers to test their powers. We have seen their roles, but far from obvious and impressive, and there remain important issues, which was where he worked.”

Armstrong said that he and his team manager Johan Bruyneel and two other people were there when it was officially doping. “We said we wanted to test for the UCI to confirm that he was, and to ensure that it was just a PO” backpack with young French and several teams in my blood and urine. Tests were negative, and Armstrong, back in the saddle for eighth title of the Tour de France, according to him, there are the French authorities. It seems incredible that we have tried 24 times without incident, and the first test in France cruel accusations of negative messages and leaks to the press, he added.rmstrong competitive cycling three years after the dismissal and is beset by doping allegations, even if not , or, failing a test.

He opened his despair Twitter-State for the 17th March for the test. “For many people – do not complain about these tests. The last part. Commiserate? Course. But what to prove I’m clean,” he says.

Original text By CNN


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