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Bicycle, Globalization, Climate Change, Global Warming

bike2work_big1 Background

“Whatever the form and type of your bike, Bike to Work community is a place”
The sentence is written in the campaign’s use of bicycles as a mode of transportation is now in the 20th century, the century that all digital Technology, industrialization and commercialization. Moment, the World Climate Change Conference held in Dewata Bali Island, Indonesia also slightly affect many thoughts about the use of environmentally friendly means of transportation with a bicycle pedal power. Many groups of people who already have a hobby bike, shop, activities and policies of the bicycle as a form of pop Appreciation of the goods is called a bicycle.
Bike To Work is a language used for the Designation of those who use a mode of transportation a bicycle at paddle beraktifitas, especially when the work place. This means, in addition used to work are usually also used to go to school, shopping, sport, even shopping.
Question is what our relationship with the bicycle paddle globalization, Climate Change or Global Warming?

Surabaya city megapolitan as with all the progress that has even Decreased quality deterioration of environment and quality of life. A course some time ago on the Board of Control of East Java Province Environmental spread in the media that “Air pollution worse Surabaya City of Jakarta”, flooding, fallen publicity boards and others. If it is who is responsible, it is not appropriate if the answers to the occurrence of damage caused by natural or at least have the expression “this form of Wrath of God to mankind.
There was a lot that there is no debate to be the planner of the City of Surabaya Surabaya Office gardening and real action to begin to replace a gas station to be a garden, park improvements until the effect of making plans for bicycle infrastructure paddle.
Health affairs and the environment is essential for all of us in line with the food, clothing and board, which means a part that is not separated in the context of human social relations as the Being of God, Being Economic and Social Being (Notonegoro). How do the efforts for achieving the needs of running the ideal is the responsibility of the Government, Public, and also of the community in the Colony.

Cycling Trends paddle
In some Asian countries, a bicycle is a bicycle pedal which is the cultural identity of commodities such as tourism in the city of Jogyakarta. Now with the development of service companies have a financial guarantor to open wide the ease of obtaining a motor vehicle either two wheels or four wheels. We realize it or not, cycling paddle to make daily activities become the last choice because variable easily obtain a motor vehicle.
Cycling paddle for the urban community is a choice sport after working in the office. Meanwhile, those who work in Factories, using the paddle to bike in the low wages it appears the.Dari category bicycle paddle based on the function and economic value. Is not excessive when the number of occurrence of the community Identify the occurrence of the paddle bike classes and social environmental conditions that this idea will be talking equality, justice and the welfare of the nation reflection of the social political situation in countries of the third world.

Community Management of the Community Development
When globalization is able to generate progress in science and Technology extent that can be never before, there are about 1.3 billion people in the Third World who live in poverty or in other words there is 1 person of the poor 3 of the population. A recent report of the World Bank estimates that while entering the new millennium, there will be 1.5 billion people living in poverty ugly, humiliated. Facing such conditions of life, and to maintain daily living, many people do not shrink from the obligations of the withdrawal, through environmental destruction, eksodus population to the cities, and even criminality action.
At the local level we can see how Unemployment, crime, malnutrition, and the disaster Forced change caparison yarn knotted problems of life whether personal, family, even stateless environment.
As a social identity, groups can be established is expected to be at least balanced situation of the social environment. Most do not, at any time can sit together discuss the action together as a group of tools that create balanced planning, implementation and supervision of the road changes to the Dignity and the Dignity of humanity.
Departure from awareness to gather together fulfillment process, there is a reality around to make a claim in the main steps of the changes that do not recognize space and time. There are always consequences for the act to place the human as the subject changes from a very complex problem without menafikkan regulations also state in the community. Means other than a how a group has the ability to manage the many ideas, but also on the need to take efforts to support multiparty stakeholder as a nation have any culture.

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