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Mountain Bike (part 3)

mountain-bike-race2Maintenance history
A bicycle made of yore is not the first time especially for recreational sports facilities. History states that he made as an effort to reduce the movement in the human body through a journey. Previously only men lead the way on foot. Then explore the human brain play a form of transportation more efficient and do not drain power rather than walking.
At the time of Ancient Egypt, a bicycle is a transverse beam with two wheels on the wood underneath. At the time unknown, paddle or pedal. Popularize the pedal and chain drive rear wheel is James Starley. So that in the year 1900 in the United States have reached 70 thousand labor to make 4 million units of bicycles.
Originally the bike is a pure means of transportation. But slowly emerged as a result of other functions in the human competitive instinct. Ago to plunder its function field competitions. Who quickly followed with a certain distance bicycle champion dinobatkan so. But its function was changed since that time so sporting achievement.

How about the mountain bike (MTB)? This type of bike, according to the data, was born in 1976. He was created by some group of people who originally called the California clunker or cruiser in the area of Marin County. Previously these people ‘weight mad’ same type of bike bicycle motor cross (BMX). If they race with the BMX, style is very typical. That is, the pole-vaulting at the top of the wood blocks (the log jump), stones and so forth.

But why they move to the MTB and create the type of bike? According to them, BMX less able to travel long distance or while climbing down the hill. In addition, its geometrical frame (frame) is very different so that the technical control is also different. In the log jump, MTB can not afford to make a maneuver like that. But BMX is easy and agile.
Then choose how the MTB suitable and able to overcome the weight of dust? According to the experts, should buy according to the needs and purposes. If only to be used in short distance, which need not necessarily expensive. But one day if we have interest to buy a well, make sure you buy top branded. The product is often well to provide quality assurance of certainty.
So the question is how to know a bike brand well, while we should not know anything about the bike? This is easy, ask the dealer or bicycle shop on the specification bike that will be purchased. A familiar brand bicycle and size specifications are usually clear and not change. Or see a bicycle magazine to learn more about it.
And do not forget to check pipe frame bike (frame tubes). MTB frame material made from various materials. Some of the iron so strong and loud, but the bike so heavy. There is also a material made from a mixture of iron, which is called High Tension often abbreviated or Hi-Ten is more light from the iron.
Then the invention of a new born again Chromoly ie. The goal is to be the same bike become more light from before. But not long Chromoly present, was born the concept of the new tubing called Tange. Followed by a more Alumunium, Carbon, and Titanium. Bicycles are becoming more lightweight but still strong.
Richard Cunningham is designed with a brand of mountain bikes Nishiki mantis and suggest to them that serious, but the funds have hand to mouth, to buy the frame (best) first rather than buying a complete bike that expensive once. Or other components may be purchased one by one according to the component so that unnecessary time and time again to repair.
Which is also not less important is the time we dealt with the bicycle traders. First ask for brochures (catalogs) that contains the specification. Adjust the geometry of the bike with a geometry of a bicycle price higher.
If we find a similarity geometry with the bike we will select, among others, head angle (the angle bar), seat angle (angle with the pipe saddle pipe up), top tube length (length of pipe above) and chainstay length (the length of the pipe chain) then you have a bike like a bicycle that costs more expensive.
Nevertheless, increasingly sophisticated technology, the more expensive the price of a bicycle. Even reach the tens of million rupiah. So, whether this activity is intended only for those who have a pocket thick? “Not really. Many of them come down and people who love this sport. Costive the relative and can not be measured. Many bicycles that are cheap. But the default is to make it to the bike around  5 million rupiahs. The championship is around  20 million rupiahs. Now that we choose to live alone. Is that a bicycle in order to make it to country, or just for having fun course, “said Suwandra.

In fact, some brands of mountain bikes prices can soar to above Rp 50 million. Typically, the bike is made of carbon fiber. Weight is so light and can be lifted with one hand. Design is the growing needs of the user. Now, many who use the bicycle disc brake. This is an adaptation technology vehicles. That is, the security level is too high. In order to mitigate shock or jolt, usually mountain bike equipped with Shockbreaker, either in the front, middle, or the back.


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