history bicycle

Mountain Bike (part 2)

mountain-bike-race1Tired disappear This track full of variety. In addition to the initial rise mostly dominated, in the mid way, the route a little so that it can even provide an opportunity breathing. Addition of the start of free-villa villa and all-round green. There are vegetable gardens, a little rice, tea garden is also paving the extraordinary beautiful. According to him, this is a remarkable gift for the cyclist terrible. “Pain may be lost soon tired if you run across something like this,” he said again. Cisarua route suggested by it because this is quite full track route variations. Even after passing through the road, there is a long transcript that once brought them to the Gold Mountain Tea Factory, near Peak. This derivative can create the mountain bike to be dazzled. For great fun, to be blunt reflex. When the grind stone or turn, forget to press brake. As a result, the bicycle can drop and throw a bicycle rider to cliff edge. According Tjahya Sukandar (37), other mountain bike rider, if you want to track a bit challenging and long, Banten area can be a choice than Sukabumi Selatan. If this route is chosen then take about 2-3 days. That is, it can be done since Friday until Sunday and preparation needed more. With the different routes around the Peak or the Cisarua only take 4-6 days only, can be done. In Banten is an interesting track, but if done in the summer that is also a bit saggy, start from Anyer to the south to the Bayah ago to Pelabuhan Ratu. Tjahya this track menjajal been friends with this, certainly with the support vehicles carrying supplies. Because the journey is longer and spend-to-day pleasure trip then the other. Between pleasure and misery, according to him, balanced! “Grace would like to travel, if fit to eat, sleep, and so greedy also lelap,” he said. The key to success is to be perjalananan preparation. Preparation is different. Starting from the condition of the body that must be fit, bicycle repair equipment, provision of food and team togetherness. That is not less important is the attitude to bring in themselves. If there is something that is not desired the help of local villagers who passed by, it’s easy. One example, if benighted, we stay at home around people. So that the journey is well recorded, Tjahya suggestion, the name of the place and the distance recorded. Also medannya type described, is hilly, the climb, the cross derivative. Or the even how many. Note this will be important to set the strategy further, if it will return to the place. Or the notes will also be useful to other teams if the bicycle rider to be here. For example, where (villages) to relax with good food and what can be found there. Siapkah now exploring with the mountain bike?


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