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Mountain Bike (part 1)

mountain-bike-raceMountain Bike (MTB) is approximately 1990 in Indonesia was booming. The actual bike used for off road terrain in a while even that is often found in street-road. MTB fans ranging from children to adults. Now, in line with the time, the MTB is still running, but natural selection has occurred. MTB has been entered in the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) as a sports competition was held.

But also for those who truly mencintainya, they travel by bicycle with consistency. They make up far outside the city, only to find the route or terrain is challenging. For example, roads in the village or not all corners of the asphalt. Adventure with a bicycle no less interesting with mountain climbing or other activities out door.

Habituate only on holidays, MTB fan group do a “crawl” to the suburbs, only to enjoy the atmosphere of the village and the other from the other, and make the body become healthy. Exploration of the mountain bike even if it seems easy, but if you do not support the physical pleasure is not earned but misery!
“People who pooh-pooh this event, usually only briefly. Tomorrow, tomorrow surely own a bicycle had been a warehouse or old iron, “said Supriadi (45), the MTB fans living in elite housing Jatibening. People like this, according to him, quick-fed. Different with those in the MTB, which is always looking for new areas and the track for cycling with his friends. This must be done because it will always cause a sense of fun
For the father of three children, pro-MTB has become the blood of the meat. Evidence, almost every sunday that traveled by it. If not with his friends who have the same hobby, he was her son to get around the outskirts of Jakarta. Despite this area for already “packed” with the building, but what can make than not at all.
But if with friends, he often carry a bicycle with a car outside the city. This last area to do their Cisarua, West Java. There, even though still close to Jakarta, still leaving places for the challenging and beautiful. One example is the Gold Mountain, the tea plantations spread wide, from the Safari Park to Peak.
Supriadi villa has a chance in Cisarua, often wearing vilanya as a base to start the exploration. Route that was taken from the entrance to the Safari Park. About mid way, he and his friends turn to enter the left lane. Of course, this upgrade of the track only with no flat roads. “If we do not rise to the usual, direct the breath out and surrender!” He said.


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