Bicycle Tips

Tip and Trick Cycling

comunitas-sepedaCycling are activities that are good for our health. With cycling, our bodies are trained to remain fresh and in shape. Here are some tips that make us happy cycling activities;

  • Used a Helmet, which function as protectors of your head
  • Use clothing that is specifically used for cycling
  • Follow the bicycle community, or follow the bicycle race.
  • Set your bike according to the street that you will skip
  • Check your bike circumstances, whether or not there is damage
  • Bring drinks in a bottle
  • Bring a towel to dust you sweat

One thought on “Tip and Trick Cycling

  1. Hi, you make some really good points and your blog has some great advice for people. I’m a massive cycling fanatic and think it’s really important that people are properly dressed for the sport. Have you tried for used bikes and accessories as well? It’s worth a browse. Keep up the great work on your blog

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