Tips and Tricks Choosing a Bicycle

bicycle-bikeTo choose the right bike, set the first category use. Do not prepare the setting up xc bike but used for Freeride or DH, the result will be ugly.
But if your fans and xc will play AM / XM / trailbike, several bicycles that have already been designed like that. That is, technical specifications for AM / XM / trailbike, but because the bike is light weight and geometry is dynamic, so there are still quite comfortable for xc.

Whatever the category of mountain bike (MTB) you would like xc, AM, FR, or DH, you can always start it with full-suspension. Indeed, most of the suggestions received by the originator is, “start with the hardtail.” With reason, among others, to practice first with the bike less comfortable and better pedalling efficiency.

But for those who start (again) cycle over the age of 30 + is recommended for riding comfort for the body to reduce fatique.
Currently available xc bike with full-suspension performance (efficiency) or the same approach hardtail, such as a bicycle that uses brain shock or Non-resonance system in the background.

But all of that back on bujet available, and how serious we will do this sport or hobby. One thing is for sure, if the goal is not to our cycling competition, and more important element of sport, comfort and health; once again full-suspension is not a wrong choice. Now, this entry-level full-suspension is the more affordable especially if clever-clever search used bikenya

But if you choose HARDTAIL, clearly the options that are not mistaken, many people start and still remain faithful to the hardtail. Finally all back on personal preferences and goals.

THEN, how about the choice up to buy a bicycle or who have full-bike? If you make a bicycle for sport, or an alternative means of transportation, then buy a full bike-bike will be easier for your choice. But if cycling is also a part of a hobby or your life-style, the bike is built with the component selection itself more clearly satisfactory.


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