Old Bicycle Exhibition (Onthel)

By Yuyuk Sugarman

While the History of Nostalgia

Yogyakarta – In the era of 60-an, Yogyakarta city is known as a bicycle on the side of the city as a student. Children up to the parents, both women and men, students or employees bicycle to each of the activities. Even if there is a motorcycle, or have called it a while bromfiets and cars, very few in number.

However, Yogyakarta is now developing very rapidly. Bicycles become rare in the streets. The king is now a street motorcycle. Many people switch to a motorcycle as a vehicle seen as efficient and effective way to reach the destinations they are without the means sweat enough.

Although rare, the people still gathered in cycling can be seen. One of them, every Sunday arrived, young people with various bicycle brisk last night. Typically, young people gathered in front of this State Palace Court Building Yogya and then they besiege the city. They are joined in the case of Jogja Onthel Club (Joc).


Bicycle was as though a part of the past. And, when the Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta (BBY) exhibition organized bicycle onthel (21-28 March 2006), memories Yogya’60-an era also become Nostalgia.

In the exhibition, there are about 20 old bike from a variety of brands such as Gazelle, Fongers Batavus or other displayed. There are collections of Kotabaru pasturan church, there is also a collection of individuals. In addition, also exhibited some type of light that is used for lighting, if used at night.

Interestingly, in the exhibition is a bicycle Gardan Gazelle brand, made in 1930. That without a bicycle chain, and only rely gardan placed on the pedal and the rear wheels. Gardan existing between the pedal and the rear wheel is connected with an iron pipe. If the pedal is driven, gardan on the base of the pedal movement and the iron pipe that is itself the rear wheel with the media gardan back. With the way that a bicycle can go.

In addition to the bicycle gardan, also can be seen a bicycle-bicycle doltrap. Bicycle without using the hand brake. Located on the brake pedal with overdrive rear wheels. If the pedal is pressed opposite direction, the rear wheels will be fixed, so the bike is fast running. So functions such as hand brake.

Bicycle-bicycle on display at BBY is also a good paint still visible and sadelnya. However, there is also a cat and bar have been corroded. In addition, there is also a saddle made from cow or buffalo leather that has been torn in there and look dull. Can be to guess, if you take a bicycle saddle with a condition such abrasions and buttocks can finally become ngapal (skin so thick).


But do not wrong, even though the old and not visible terawat, this ancient bicycle price could reach millions of rupiah, equivalent to or even more expensive than the bike-bike this period. “The ancient bike lover please be careful if you have been hit like this one. Can-can domesticate become distracted because the main priority is to become an old bicycle. While other needs, including children and the wife became the second, “said Hermanu, who is also the manager BBY this exhibition organizers.

Bernostalgia addition, the visitors are also invited to know the history of bicycles. Bicycle first made in France in 1791 and that is from the timber. New in the year 1817 Baron Von Drais de Sauerbrun make wooden bicycle pedal without the first. This bike is called Hobby Horse (bicycle hobby). And in 1839 wearing a bicycle pedal first used. However form is also very funny, because the front wheels of the small rear wheel.

“So I wear any stuntman skills needed,” said Hermanu.

Bicycles are entering this new India in the early 20th century or around 1910. At the time used the bicycle was taken from the colonial their home country. Just after the start of a bicycle used the noble, the missionaries and wealthy merchant. Fiets, so this mention of the colonial (designate) a bicycle. However, because Java is not fluent tongue, then take the person with the pit. While intended onthel row.

“So this means the bike onthel bicycle paddle,” said Hermanu.

“Kring..kring, kring ada sepeda, sepeda saya roda tiga, kudapat dari ayah, karena aku rajin belajar..” That’s libretto children that we are now rarely heard.


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