BOGOR – Murdargo’s spirit Look so good.

Sepeda BmxMTB senior athletes bicycle home Puspa Cycling Club is satisfied on the interest and fans MTB BMX in the title race which was held on Sunday (22/08) ago. In Bukit Sentul, Bogor, West Java, the bicycle athletes compete in a fast new format: four cross.
According Murdargo, BMX racing event and MTB system using four cross the first time made. In the system four cross, four participants will be released at the same track in a similar competition motocross. They race each other to be the best time across the finish line. If any calculation, the athletes can off of a bicycle racing arena.
Watch the race ala four diverting the cross. The athletes directly bicycle pedal pedal so tight command start be pronounced. Through obstacles such as small bumps, stroke is the sooner. Float briefly landed ago and see a small mound again. Apart from here, continued to track with a little curve. If not careful, can slip in here.
Veer off sharply after the first direct descendant earlier. Inadvertent little, we can position didahului opponents. Some even had time to drop pesepeda here, because of the seizure of incoming curve. Fall, the losses. Opponents quickly take advantage of this error.
Tino Latuheru Puspa’s Cycling Club explains, “The length of four to cross the tracks about 600 meters. This track presents the artificial obstacles, such as four superbowl, six berm and jumping tracks. Most challenging in the large berm, because participants must menggenjot bicycle pedal as soon as possible in order to pass this hurdle.
According Goestarmono of community bicycle Tutu Zero 022, four cross the tracks to this is quite challenging. Obstacles and challenges presented are good enough. “For the first time held, I think rintangannya enough. Later, if the event is more routine, obstacles can be added. “However, he was criticizing the track width which is considered less.
A narrow track dikeluhkan also Azwar Hendri (18). Enthusiasts MTB bicycle home communities ngetop Gas Pipe Line (JPG) is nearly collision with the opponent. “From the collision, I have been mending I take it straight,” said engineering physics student Islamic University of Jakarta. Time took four cross, Hendri use bicycle brand Polygon Nemesis. Result, the semifinal round can be.


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