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Teguh, around the world by bicycle

Many of the people how to circumnavigate the world. There is using the aircraft and also by road using the car. But not everyone is able to circumnavigate the world using a bicycle. Teguh Budi Santoso who have a desire it. Although the right foot had the stroke, the disease is even memacunya commitment to circumnavigate the world. “I have one and a half years of mobile use bicycles,” he said when BPost drop to the editor, on Wednesday (16 / 1).

Almost all the countries of Malaysia have been explored, including the city of Kuching, Sarawak. Similarly, Bandar Sri Begawan. “But I am forced back first, while the Philippines is prohibited, because there is conflict there,” said the man brewokan ini.Sarjana Mechanical Engineering who is also former employees of PT PAL Surabaya, this can be reminiscent of BPost, in the form T-shirt and little funding for the trip. “Hopefully the success achieved and the factory that was converted,” said manager Editors Umi Sri Wahyuni. According to the plan, aid would continue to travel Kotabaru, before returning abroad.


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