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Yogyakarta Ocean Bicycles

Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) – Bicycles Yogyakarta Ocean. This city on Monday, with a full bicycle and public uproar by the low sound of a bicycle bell more than 5,000 participants launch a movement Sego Segawe (Sepeda Kanggo Sekolah Lan Nyambut Gawe) which means Cycling to school and work, which concentrated on the Square North city of Yogyakarta.

“This is the value of the movement, with cycling’s attempt to reduce global warming while a man healthy,” said Sego Segawe initiator, Herry Zudianto, in Yogyakarta.

According to Herry also the Mayor of Yogyakarta cycling movement can also become one of the distinctive symbol of Yogyakarta.

He emphasized cycling is not so identical with the title “Wong Cilik” meaning lower-class people, but the fact that children that cycling is a child of the” Gaul “and also a generation of revolutionary.

“To establish the successful movement, I also need time and support from all levels and communities so that more people are using bicycles to Yogyakarta created a comfortable, cool and distinctive from the natural environment,” he said.

“Sego Segawe” the program was launched officially by the Governor of Yogyakarta, Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X with a bicycle bell chime.

At the Sultan HB X apology can not participate in cycling should be run together because the task to Jakarta.

However, Sultan HB X of Yogyakarta hope people love the environment by cycling to run similar events.

“What can be done that is affecting other friends for cycling though still in the distance a certain limit,” he said.

Athletes bicycle origin DIY, Nurhayati also had the opportunity to pin “Sego Segawe” representatives and participants read a determination “Sego Segawe” which aims to create the environment of Yogyakarta to be better.
Besides followed by students from primary schools to secondary school and employees of the organization in the City Government of Yogyakarta, about 25 bicycle clubs also follow the launch.


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