GREAT! Back to Brebes with a bicycle

Various ways for people to be returned to their hometowns. Start by using public transportation services, private car, bus, train (KA) and a motorcycle. But, if I return home by bicycle, such as the Eko Cipto (36 years old).

Eko is a citizen Banjaratma Village, Bulakamba, Brebes may be strange. By gathering the family together to celebrate Lebaran, the man who is still in a brace up to go home with a bicycle from Jakarta to Brebes. ( about 400 kilo meters)

According to him, one of the main reasons return home with the bike because of the hobbies of sport cycling. Reasons that make them able to pedal a bicycle for two days two nights. “I’m happy to ride a bicycle. Because, cycling is fun,” said Eko found in Brebes, on Thursday (2/10/2008).

Eko said, her journey started from Jakarta on Saturday early morning (27/9/2008) ago. Together with a friend, Witro (30 years old) Randudongkal, Pemalang District, Tugu journey started from Pancoran, South Jakarta. Next, they followed the route Kalimalang and room to meet entry point to Pantura Brebes.

During travel, Eko said there is no special preparation. Only a few stores under, such as raincoat, waistcoat, tire pumps, and tires in and outside. “The goods I bring this talent to anticipate perhaps have broken bicycle tires,” he explained.

Meanwhile, to maintain its physical condition, said Eko must rest once every 1.5 hours. This is done to restore physical fitness. He noted, as many as 17 times the rest were doing during the trip from Jakarta to Bundaberg.

Source on Okezone

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