Iranian drivers dominate race Speedy Tour d’Indonesia 2008

sepeda1150Kuta – Speedy Tour d’Indonesia in 2008 has finally ended last STEP in Kuta Bali. RAN dominated by three drivers in the first position.

Ghader Mizban Iranagh is ultimately strengthen the champion in public. Pilots who defend Iran’s Tabriz Petrochemical team has a total time 42:08:09 in 12 STEP place.

The dominance of the most irrefutable that Iran after the other two riders in the order of two and three. The Deputy Amir Zargar is a stage filled last Hooseein Jahanbanian.

In this race the state of rising king seized by Iranian drivers, Amir Zargar with 28 points. Meanwhile mengutit behind the other pilots of Iran, Mehdi Faridi. Indonesia puts drivers through three Susanto Watch.

For the king of the sprint category, the directors of Malaysia, Anuar Manan, as the best with 21 points collected. Local administrators, Kistanto Nugroho, two are in the position of Mohd. Zamri Saleh (Malaysia).

Beregu category of the team, originally from Iran Tabriz Petrochemical wrest Championship title, followed by the Customs Cycling Club and Sports Jazy Beacon Philippines.

While the champion for drivers ketagori Indonesia reached by Endra Wijaya team Customs Cycling Club (CCC) with a record time 42:11:31 followed Fitrianto Day (NSP) and Susanto Watch (DPG).

RAPID Tour d’Indonesia in 2008 ended at 12 STEP the total distance travel as far as 1726 km. Some 17 teams participated in the cycling scene is the largest in Indonesia until the last stage, only 60 pilots who managed to finish the race.


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