The Fantastic Sean Gelael

BalikpapanSean Gelael eventually reach the national champion title for the navigator. By his driver, Cody Crocker, Sean called fantastic performance even though he is still very young.

Sean, who is a navigator of the national rely in national champion this year, the previous must compete with the strict Anthony Sarwono – navigator Rizal Sungkar – to quit as national champion. Previously, the two co-drivers the same points to collect the same, namely 45.

To help her become a national champion, Sean father, Ricardo Gelael, then sit side by side with Crocker. Australia is the origin of the drivers is the APRC champion in 2006, 2007, and 2008.

Strategy that proved telling. Together Crocker, Sean appear dominant in the series this time. Navigator aged 12 years, it eventually quit as national champion after the joint Crocker ranks first in the series this time.

How ability in the eyes of Sean Crocker? “Sean, he is fantastic. He can show maturity even though he is still very young.”

“PACE ability to make note also good. Children are very talented. He is the driver wants to be a day later,” said Crocker.

“We also have no problems in communicating. The only language we can use only English, but we have no problem with that.”


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