Lance following the Tour de France More

lancearmstrong-reuters285Miami – After three years, were absent because of retirement, Lance Armstrong will return the most prestigious bicycle race, Tour de France. Eighth grade road?

Armstrong decided that the return from retirement in September and earlier feared missing from Tour de France next year. The Committee was marked “ashamed” to accept the return of leaders that the United States relating to alleged doping.

But now the wheel drivers aged 37 years old dipstikan can participate in the event that will go to this version-96. He races for the duration of the team, Astana. She fed Eurosport.

In addition, included in the Tour de France, Armstrong also has mengkonfimasi participation in the Giro of Italy, Tour of Flanders and the Tour of California and several other racing events.

However, several parties have questioned the participation of men still birth of Texas later in France. She feared he would become the object of attack by fans frustrated and angry alleged doping, which was imposed on him.

“The barrier will not prevent me to do what my job. And it will not stop my efforts to send a message (humanitarian),” Armstrong confident answers in an interview on Bloomberg data


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