Bicycle convoy for Earth Goes to Bali Arrive in Cirebon

Cirebon – After removable by the President SBY Sunday 11 November 2007, 15 athletes who bike to travel to Bali from Jakarta arrived in Cirebon. They were greeted at the bustling city of the Shrimp.

In Cirebon, a group in order to change the UN Climate conference in Bali this coming December specifically greeted by the mayor of Cirebon in the event of a dinner at the Hotel Prima is located at Jl Siliwangi, Cirebon, on Tuesday (13/11/2007) night.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a group that wanted to disseminate the results of the UN conference in April 2005 in Bandung also participate in this event. Well, they stay in the same hotel.

“Along the way we greeted with enthusiasm by residents. In addition to conducting tours with a bicycle, we also grow around 3,000 trees in the 6 cities that we singgahi,” said the head of the Alfa group Febriyanto to Install in the event during a speech by the Mayor of Cirebon.

The entourage will arrive in Bali later on December 1, before the conference. “Tomorrow morning we akana continue the journey to the stands,” said Alfa.

This activity, according to the Alfa not only to welcome climate change conference only, but more than that, this kind of activity to our nation’s creation more kembalai for cycling.

“When this bike is not receive the place, and has long been abandoned by us. Inai is one of our campaign for re-use the bicycle as a means of transportation for the health,” said Alfa. Anwar Khumaini – detiksport


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