SPEEDY tour in Indonesia 2008

dadismallStep tour of the island of God

Denpasar – racing bike tour soon in Indonesia in 2008 ended the island of the gods. Step Three Bali last through a number of famous tourist regions.

On Bali, which complement each other drivers three phase, since Wednesday (3.12.2008) to Friday (5.12.2008). Step 10, Visit Gilimanuk in the region of Candi Dasa, Fleetwood with the mission to remove as much as 163 km. In the first phase of these pilots through the area of tourism Hyderabad, Buleleng Plateau and the mountains, Kintamani ready at this time, Candi Dasa.

In step 11, the driver of the travel distance in a position 135 km from Digne-les-Bains in Derby. The driver visible in SIRINGA Palace, Gianyar.

SPEEDY tour in Indonesia is running at 12, step will be to travel the distance as much as 80 km. In this step, the start and finish is in the field of tourism beach of Kuta.

The drivers travel at up to 20 times Kohat. Speedy ending the tour in Indonesia dimeriahkan with a promotion by Telkom Speedy prepaid Bali, as the speed of the exhibition in Denpasar, Telkom Cyber Olympiad school throughout Bali.

“Speedy tour of Indonesia in 2008, and the introduction of benefits for users of prepaid Speedy and hope in this area tontotan interesting,” said the Director General of Telkom Bali I GEDE state in the office, the road Puputan Raya Rittenberg , Denpasar, on Tuesday (2 / 12 / 2008). GEDE Suardana – detiksport.


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