BUSINESS strategy

BUSINESS strategy


This is the Buzzword of the Today in the world of marketing. I have not found the right terminology and the language we fit in, without a word’s meaning is lost. I thought, what was to temporarily use the words that can embrace their meaning. For, indeed it is the symptoms that occur at this time.
Now consumers increasingly smart benefits offered rate compared with the price they must pay. Japanese consumers, for example, that for many years to pay higher prices for the same product, is no longer want. They demanded high quality with reasonable price. Bubble economy is a failure indicator that they do not like buying the same product with a lot of extra-actually-they do not need the higher prices. They were so aware that with so, the actual value that they receive low.
That is causing more and more developing discount stores in there who buy directly from suppliers, and avoid the traditional distribution channels and long serpentine. To provide a high value to consumers, retailers have cut the distributors that do not provide added value indeed. In Tokyo, my own view, how-store discount retail store, for example, Aoki and Aoyama, mushroom and grow rapidly.


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