Chavanel wins Etape 19

chavanelmenangafp-285MontluconSylvain Chavanel achieve victory in the first etape 19th Tour de France. Meanwhile, the yellow jackets are still dominated Carlos Sastre.

In etape achieve victory in this, Chavanel must achieve by overcoming resistance from France, Jeremy Roy.

In etape along the 165.5 km from Roanne to Montlucon that Chavanel and Roy have done in the future, their opponents from the beginning. In the final kilometers, they also compete for a strict winner.

Roy tried to go very fast, but the rate stable Chavanel in the last 200 meters of giving benefits, and eventually win. This is the first victory Chavanel who is aged 29 years old.

Meanwhile, Sastre still control yellow jacket, in which the position of the top drivers not changed. Create Sastre, this is of capital importance for the time trial on Saturday (26/7/2008), which can determine the Champions Tour de France.

“Today is the time of recovery. Tomorrow is the opportunity (big) in the life,” says Sastre cited as the International Herald Tribune.

Sastre has the advantage of time from 1:24 Frank Schleck (Luxembourg), and from 1:33 Bernhard Kohl (Austria).


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