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baliAmateur for the wheels of volcanoes. Non-adventure. Old villages full of local culture. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This trip is everything and should not be exceeded.
Bali Cycling

From Ubud, Bali cultural capital, we will examine the famous Carter Batur and swim in Toyah Bungkah Hot Springs. We also will visit the island in two of the highest volcanoes and canyons.

By the way, you’ll be able to take greater coastal views and explore small fisheries around ameda village on the east coast. In due course, you can use the snorkeling and diving opportunities, if they so choose.

Tour ends with a series of breath along mountain trails agung in the dark bamboo and coconut groves in rice paddy fields, which is a symbol Bali. During the last day of the tour will get a chance to change the ruins of the water Jungutan In the palace and explore Temple Besakih, the most important and largest temple on the island.

This trip is designed for riders with some Off-Road experience, but should not be an expert in love. The only requirement is a real sense of adventure!

Although the study only covers about 230 km in 5 days of cycling, it can still be very challenging. As the apartment under warranty is almost non-existent, experience consists almost entirely by road trips to some challenging areas, including forest trails, red clay of the flat pack volcanic sand, Volcanic cobblestones, gravel roads and broken roads. They are single-track sections in each venture, but not many rock or root points or larger droplets. Regarding the transition affected all routes except one, have generally reduced Hill element to them (in other words that end in a lower altitude than the project). A little steep climbing and descent are also part of the program is usually short and sharp.

Accommodation is varied and includes a charming villas and comfortable hotels.

ITINERARY (8 days/7 nights starting in Ubud and finishing in Padang Bai) Day 1 Arrive in Ubud – simply relax or prepare for your upcoming adventure. Day 2 Ride the rim of the Batur Crater and enjoy lunch and have a swim at the Toyah Bungkah Hot Springs. Day 3 Ride inside the interior of the Batur Crater and later, explore temples, small farming communities, and Crater Lake. Day 4 Ride to the top of a mountain pass between Mount Abang and Agung. Day 5 Relax and rest in a small fishing village or go snorkeling or diving. Day 6 Take a ride through shady coconut and bamboo groves, villages, and rice paddies. Day 7 Check out Besakih Temple and several other sites before ending up on a beautiful beach. Day 8 Pack up bikes and head to the airport or extend stay on the beach.


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