bike to work

Take the price of oil, U.S. Goes Bicycles

Washington – The impact of fuel price increases also felt some American citizens. Even for the savings, which they now pedal a bicycle to work. Cities in the U.S. actually has long been encouraging the use of bicycles to become. The goal is to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution. But now, more use of the bicycle composition increases the fuel price increase in the U.S.. Communities in cities such as Chicago, Washington, Portland and Oregon, for example. Now, many more people who use the bicycle path, bicycle-friendly transit system and the locations of bicycle was built in the cities of the past few years. “Twelve years ago, my regular bike to City Hall and often only in the street alone,” said Ben Gomberg, bicycle program coordinator of Chicago recently. “Now, there are often 17 or 18 pesepeda stop at the crossroads” Supplement This man is like the Reuters news agency, Friday (13/6/2008). Unlike in Europe, the use of bicycles for transportation in the U.S. is still 40 percent less on individual travel in the U.S. from a distance of less than 3.2 kilometers. In the U.S., which will be known favorite of the occupants in the car, less than 1 percent of the number of trips made by the individual cyclist. Although a number of countries in Europe, the percentage may reach 30 percent. However, the level of the use of the bicycle in several American cities, this is still increasing, especially as fuel prices rise. In Portland, for example, surveys in 2006, as much as 5.4 percent of the residents use bicycles as their main transportation to the workplace. Said Scott Bricker, chairman of the group pesepeda bicycle Transportation Alliance. The amount of that, he said, continued to increase in the last three years. Portland is considered the most friendly cities in the United bicycle.


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