Ask the government of President Give room for bicycle users

Ask the government of President Give room for bicycle users

sbyJakarta (ANTARA News) – President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to ask local governments to provide adequate space for people who want cycling, including activities or cycling to work with the popular term “bike to work.”

This was raised by President Yudhoyono in a speech during his speech of the liberation of athletes who will be responsible for the environmental campaign cycling Jakarta to Bali is a “Bicycle for Earth Goes to Bali”, in the historic national monument, Jakarta, on Sunday morning.

“The mayor, the regent in Indonesia should provide space so that cycling can be organized with activities, including work by bike, cycling to work,” he said.

According to the Head of State, not only with the world of cycling that terselamatkan due to lower air pollution, but also because people are more air quality.

“Another advantage of cycling is to the daily, a bicycle does not need more oil,” he said.

In addition, the President, of course, will be a healthy body, far from the disease.

Therefore, President Yudhoyono to encourage public dissemination of cycling activities in Indonesia.

“We together to save the earth that we Huni,” he said.

Meanwhile, Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo promised to build a special road for bike users, though the number has reached one million people.

“Now, this new three miles the amount must be at least one million special bicycle path, because it takes the body of the way, if I can get up to 5.10 thousands of people who later protested. If polynomial, then the justification enough, there was therefore no reason for the government to ignore their aspirations, “he said.

Fauzi explained that local governments must be fair, the same as in the management of the Busway. Fauzi explained some of protests from residents not lead to the development of Busway stopped, because the Busway used for more than 44 million people this year alone.

About the sense of the action with a car park in the street by some residents oppose the development of the Busway, Fauzi Bowo said that if the park is not in place then the car diderek can.

“You are legal,” he said.

Socialization of the impact of climate change

At the same time the State Environment Minister Rahmat Witoelar PMB 61, said cyclist called “Earth bike Goes to Bali”, which began on November 11 to December 1st under the United Nations Conference on climate change, held 3 -14 December 2007.

Cycling campaign that followed 50 participants cycling, which consists of 15 team of cyclists from Jakarta, Bali and 35 people who came to the biking community of cities, which rose.

Route cities as follows: Jakarta-Falkirk-Moro-Cirebon, Tegal, Pekalongan, Semarang-Yogyakarta-Solo-Madiun-Surabaya-Gunnedah-Moyo-haa-Banyuwangi, Tabanan, Denpasar-Nusadua.

“Total distance 1447 km, with a stopover at night and in 16 cities and more than 44 cities,” he said.

According to Rachmat, 15 athletes were the team that passes the choice was made with the bike nonstop Jakarta-Bandung.

“This activity was designed and popularize the use of bikes for public transport in support from day to day activities,” he said.

Rachmat Travel throughout the campaign team will make the company the impact of climate change and alternatives through the media, distribution of pamphlets and panel discussions with regional leaders and the community.

Also assist the Head of State is the State LH Rachmat Witoelar, Erna Witoelar, Minister of Trade Mari Elka Pangestu, Industry Minister Fahmi Idris said the Cabinet Secretary, Dino Patti Djalal, Titi and governor Puspa Jakarta Fauzi Bowo. Also included in the group between the youngest son of President Yudhoyono, Eddi Baskoro.


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