Circle City Cycles offers Contributors a discount of up to 25 percent

Circle City Bicycles is a bicycle shop in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. In addition to the tradition brick and mortar shop there is also a very extensive internet presence.

Ed Pope is one of the co-owners of the business. He is a seasoned bicycle tourist with an interest in seeing new places by bicycle. His journal about his bicycle touring adventure from Indianapolis to New Hampshire will give you an idea of his style of bicycle touring.

I found several points of interest in his journal especially since his route took him through some of the same territory that I covered during my Round Lake Erie tour. He managed to find some really cool things that I missed like the Pedaling History Museum in Orchard Park, New York while still visiting really enjoyable places like Niagara Falls.

Ed Pope is the centrally placed rider in this group touring photo.

The Circle City Bicycles web site also includes an extensive book section that covers many areas of cycling including a very nice collection of bicycle touring specific books. These books range from bicycle tour guide books right through to books about bicycle history and personal touring accounts.

If you are looking for a bicycling related gift there are a number of items featured on their Bicycling Awards and Gifts page.

One additional feature that I haven’t yet seen offered at other bicycle retailers is a free bicycle touring class. This class covers the basics of self-supported bicycle touring from selecting or upgrading a bicycle right through to camping gear and how to plan your tour.

Circle City Bicycles has contacted me to offer assistance including an article or two and to provide a sponsorship to the Bicycle Touring 101 web site. This sponsorship extends to all Contributors to Bicycle Touring 101.

The sponsorship provides for discounts of up to 25 percent on items sold by Circle City Bicycles. While most items are covered by the 25% discount, there are some items that are available at a 15 percent discount instead. Certain types of bicycles and bicycle equipment can not be sold over the internet or through mail order due to pre-existing contractual obligations.

Circle City Bicycles offers a wide range of products most of which are eligible for the discount and you should consider paying a visit to their web site to see the selection that they have. I haven’t yet purchased from Circle City Bicycles but I plan to do so in the near future.

People who contribute to the content on this website are eligible for the discount.

Examples of contributions include:

§ Providing touring related pictures

§ Providing quotes or articles related to your touring experiences

§ Providing suggestions on new topics that should be covered on the web site

What’s in it for me?

The satisfaction of seeing others receive a direct benefit for helping me to grow this web site.

That’s it! No other benefit is needed or required. Since I also contribute content to the web site I will likely purchase things at the contributor’s discount from time to time myself.

A very beautiful picture of Niagara Falls taken during Ed’s bicycle touring adventure.

What’s in it for Circle City Bicycles?

Obviously they would like to see more bicycle tourists shopping in their store. They offer fine products and customer service but as you know word of mouth is a great form of advertising. Their hope is that if you like shopping with them then you will talk about it during your travels and encourage others to visit them too!

What’s in it for you?

Access to great products at a lower price and the satisfaction of knowing that you helped grow the Bicycle Touring 101 web site by adding content or providing feedback.

How does it work?

Circle City Bicycles would like there to be a main contact point. For now that will be me. Once you have decided to purchase some products then you should send me an email mentioning that you would like to contact Circle City Bicycles.

Assuming that you have been a contributor to this web site then I will put you in contact with them immediately. Once the initial contact is made then the remainder of the discussion with be between Circle City Bicycles and you with no more need for me to be involved.

Where can I find more information about their products and services?

The best place to start is their web site.

If you are looking for other opinions about their dedication to customer service and the products that they sell then please consider searching the International Bicycle Touring Mailing List Archives.


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