2010 Tour de France begins in the Netherlands

tour-de-franceParis – The largest bicycle racing competition in the world, the Tour de France, traditions continue to race from the start outside France. 2010 Tour de France will start rolling out in Rotterdam.

Rotterdam selected by the Amaury Sports Organization, organizing committee, overcome with other cities in the Netherlands, Utrecht. To-97 edition of Le Tour starts this future date July 3 2010.

“We chose Rotterdam for two reasons. First, because after the London (2007), Rotterdam as a big city shows our intention to promote bicycles as of the urban transportation,” said panpel in a statement, as quoted Reuters.

“The second is because the location is perfect match with the route that we plan for 2010,” continued the statement.

Rotterdam is the third city in four years of the Tour de France, which is located outside France. London is given a place of honor as the start of 2007, while Monaco will be the start Le Tour 2009.

Le Tour start return to the Netherlands this is the first in 14 years. S’Hertogenbosch city had become the beginning of the world’s most popular bicycle race in 1996.
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