I’m no great fan of bicycles, multi-instruments. I must have shoes box about half full of different models, which have tried over the past twenty years. The problem for me at least, is their capacity to get into this direction. I know not everyone will agree with me on this, but I do not buy “this is only for emergencies” argument. This is the time during those who want the proper tools.

And now I was sure one of backpacking community. They come in everyday items (such as spoons) and reducing them to make them more lightweight and compact. So, after several attempts and errors to come to the toolbox that is compact enough to put into a altoids tin.

I use this document in time for 8 years and it has saved me the lead, or a friend, at least five times. The funds are everyday tools that can be purchased at any hardware store and bike-specific tools are readily available at any bicycle shop. The amendments are simple, requiring only bench grinding machines, a vise, and Demolition Hammer. If you have one, a tool dremal a slightly easier to use.

Materials necessary …

Altoids Tin
8 and 10 mm wrenches, Open or boxed
Hex wrenches from 2 to 6 mm
Two, 2 – way screwdriver
6 to 8 mm adapter (if any)
Park SW-7 Speakers Polishers
Park CT-5 chain tool

Other items on the wish …

Presta-Schrader adapter
Glueless patches
Glueless tyres Boot

tools repair
tools repair

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