Kunisaki Heritage Bike and Hike Tour

Kunisaki Heritage Bike and Hike Tour
offered by supplier M15238

Key Information:
Tour Duration: 5 – 6 day(s)
Group Size: 1 – 6 people
Destination(s): Japan
Specialty Categories: Walking Tours   Bicycle Touring
Season: March – December
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: Yes
Minimum Per Person Price: 1400 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 1500 US Dollar (USD)

Japan is the image can be very costly and time that is true. However, because of global economy, it is worth to other developed countries now, and cheaper than many. Big-city Japan may be unfair, but in the country, prices are very reasonable and friendly people.

Japan is a country where you can let down guard and relax. A place to update your faith in the good of humanity. A place where people’s hands are not trying to get in your pocket. In a safe place.

Bikes are included in the tour price, but may also bring their own. If you travel by bike, which certainly receive a discount.

Tour itinerary

Arriving in Oita, or by train, air or mules …
However you get here on the morning of the first scheduled day, this is what to expect! Adventure actually began the first day, so if you need time to aclimatize, plan to arrive early. I can make reservations for economically Beppu you the city where to begin.

Day 1: In Yamaga city of about 1 hour drive from Beppu, an average hike difficult road punctuated by small stone statues. This is where we start, and part of a long-time pilgrim.
Is it rewarding? Well, it is very photographic opportunities chains to step ascents and poised sitting deep rocky places over gaps. Will that satisfy the requirements? Most people use it, regardless of agophobic-ality, inherent to hike!
Deputies from the jungle terrain-ish to semi-desert, and it takes 3 to 5 hours, depending on our physical condition.
Then, it is optional 20 km bike-ride home to the U.S. Jingu sanctuary. If you are an article on the deck with beer and chips in Kiora Villa allowed. These are both regarded as “natural foods” in our book.
Later we have hot spring, and guests of Kiora Villa B & B.

Day 2: Yamaga to Kumano-Mugaibutsu and Tenenji temple.
First, we ride bicycles (15 km) with stone images of Kumano, the large chair-carved Buddha, then atempt of 3 or 4 hours hike in Nokogiri bilnata path. It is short but impressive as Paul says. But he says that similar things. After the hike we should ride bicycles about one hour at our hotel, and 130 years-old house in the house, managed 20 years a woman and her hippy-your father! Yes, even in Japan -> after hotspring, we have a traditional vegetarian dinner prepared by young-Jesus-you cook. Remember, beer and vegetables.

Day 3: Tenenji Kunimi to the sea.
After the morning bike ride (15 hilly kilometers) us to receive early Nakayama Senkyo path, a fantastic from 3 to 4 hours draws, and the famous “last leap,” a local legend. It is not ours, I hope?
Then return to riding bicycles and another hour or so to Kunimi city from the interior of the sea and Satoh Buddha rezba gallery where guest. Ms. Sato always makes meal fit for Samurai Lord, things rarely found in Japanese restaurants. We probably steals the car and drive to the bathroom! I know, I know! It is worthy carbon foot-print!

Day 4: Kunimi to Monjusenji.
We have the opportunity to ride bicycles to Monjusenji temple, or hike through the forest paths. Anyway, we reach the Monjusenji Church in the early afternoon. 35 kilometers or 12 km bicycle hike.
Those who want to, May meditate inside the church or the scale of some of the more near the rocky peaks. Enlightenment is elusive, but worth the effort. For those who choose a shorter time, beer is avaialable!

Monjusenji temple has been in use for hundreds of years, and it is very powerful place. I do not like adjectives, but the feeling is palpable, stacked time to time for meditated, bells and incence, candles and statues, stone and dust. He is a full-Monty.
We have traditionally monk food for dinner and sleep on the temple floor. There is a Zen meditation in the upper church in a day rest, only if he is “c.” He is busy man.

It is not necessary to appreciate this Buhhdists to stay, now that Tibet has gone, it is extremely rare to remain in a real temple. It is not very comfortable, but maybe you can glimpse another way people lived, one night experience. Always sleep very well when I’m there.

Day 5, Monjusenji U.S..
Bike day. We make it a short hike in the morning, but mostly we sex Futago to Futago mountain temple, and return to Yamaga. Once there, we recover the support van and on our last we return to Beppu city. Total distance bike is 40 km. It does not seem much, but there are few hills. There are many beautiful city in a way, too.

Total distance bike for all 5 days is about 100 km.

Total hiking distance is about 20 km.

Travel by Beppu can be arranged, by train or by plane from the airport Oita.


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