Cheer up Bicycling is a Daily Adventure

Part of this week EcoWorldly cycling series: Cycling and its importance in countries worldwide.

Cycling as a sport, whether it is for players or spectators, has always had a special place in the hearts of Italians. Professional bike races, including the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France are followed passionately by the Italian people. This mass, cycling, as in sport helps to make Italians among the most experienced users of bicycles. Everything you’ve heard about cycling in Italy is true. Weather, roads and cities are all perfectly suited for bicycles city. Each of cycling and walking trails throughout Italy is carefully crafted to combine the best that our country has to offer, taking an active Terms of beaten track.

Growing number of Italian citizens, today looks at alternative mobility as solving stressful way of life.

In Rome, at the end of May, thousands of bicyclists, coming from all over the world met with the cycle, together with the slogan: “We are traffic! Critical mass is one idea, one event, which wants to provide a green alternative to motor transport which creates greenhouse gases. Started in S. Francisco in 1992 and distributed in over 500 cities worldwide, the CM is a group of bicyclists, that moves with no surprises rule and establishing a motorist mess in the streets. In Ciemmona (large CM!), Profitability for the first time in Rome in 2004, now counts more than 5000 bicyclists from all over Italy and worldwide critical masses .

With a population of about 400000 residents and road traffic, which affects the historical center, Florence is a city where cycling is not a choice. Every day, constantly coming and going of students and workers flows slowly in city-centre riding km. Cradle of new Humanism in Medici dynasty, Florence today preserves ancient charm that current can appreciate towards their destinations.

But something violates spelling… otbyagva holes and bouncing over the sidewalks, Florence of numerous cyclists find a way through the urban landscape. Along with the daily danger of passing cars, which cut them off or veer in and out of bike lanes, cyclists “the worst fear is the mysterious end of the bicycle lane, with no road signs to warn them. On the city circuit boards are not adjacent, as dangerous to travel. When exhausted cyclists arriving at destinations, they often found that the area of bike racks had been taken from scooters and motorcycles!

In order to support the mobility of the bicycle must be carried out both in terms of supply measures, structures and infrastructures, and that the demand for mobility. In Italy there is an underestimated organization to be recognized as a major advocate of sustainability in our cities. FIAB (Italian Federation of Friends of the wheel) is an environmental organization that promotes the use of bicycles in order to improve the quality of life in urban areas.

The Federation encourages the development of bicycle routes and to restrict traffic, searching for solutions for transit. Activities include cycling in both urban and suburban contexts, together with one day trips, excursions Saturday and Sunday, and now bicycle routes. We keep on hand towards a better quality of life: the noise and air pollution are major threats to our environment in urban areas and this could be reduced by more people walking, cycling and use of public transport.


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