Are you still riding on old-fashioned 1/2″ pitch chain? It’s Time to move up (down!) to Nanodrive


Back in the Olden days, people used to travel with a huge 1 “(25.4 mm) length of chains, and 3 / 16” (4.8 mm) wide sprocket teeth.

As time went on and improved materials, from 1940, most bicycles converted into 1 / 2 “(12.7 mm) length of chain, with 1 / 8” (3.2 mm) thick with sprockets. In the first 10-speed “bicycle appeared in the late 1950s, with 5 back in the sprockets, chains and sprockets were Oredelite to 3 / 32” (2.4 mm), but they come to 1 / 2 “Step dimension.

In early 1980 on, Shimano tried to introduce a little less 0.3937 length of chain (10 mm), but no one wanted this metric junk, and it really is not much less than that anyway.


This was all back before any questions, which was even born, and now it’s time for the first 21 Century Drive train: “Nanodrive / Twenty and fourth.” This new modern universal standard cuts every traditional dimension of the chain in half! 1 / 4 “(6.35 mm) pitch, with sprockets only 3 / 64” (1.19 mm) in thickness. In addition to reducing the weight of your chain and chainwheels half, it also allows you to fit twice as much as sprockets Love systems!

Nanodrive DH for serious Offroader!

Real estate mountain people do not need any more of these standrd 27 speeds, but may benefit from significantly improved education and reduced weight.

Therefore Rivendell Bicycle Nanodrive chose for its new flagship down model shown above.

In Nanodrive MTB system sticks with 9 sprockets in the back, 3 in front, because extensive research has proven that as many as in the human brain is capable of comprehending, and not everyone can do this, even many.

As you can see later Rivendell down model, Nanodrive made tremendous improvement in chainring clearance, which allows the driver to jump lovkite even bigger logs without fear of damaging expensive chainrings. In addition, close width of NanoNine (TM) drivetrain allows wide hole flange distance and thus increases bulletproofness its wheels.


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