future bicycle


BMX was born in California, U.S. in early 1970, when adolescents imitate their heroes on his bicycle motocross. The children are outside the standard road bike racing track specially built around titles in the Netherlands. motor racing 1971 documentary on every Sunday is generally credited with inspiring the movement at the national level in the United States. In the opening scene, children are shown riding their Schwinn stingrays out of the way. Only in the middle of this decade that the sport has reached critical mass, and manufacturers of bicycles began to set up specifically for sport. In BMX cycling has grown very popular among young people and is known for its practice because it is relatively small and easy to move. There is also the style of BMX helmets made specifically for sport. In 1977 American Association of bicycles (ABA) was organized as a national sanction-growing sport. BMX was introduced in Europe in 1978. In April 1981, the International Federation of VMH has created, and World championships were held in 1982. From January 1993 BMX is also included in the Union Cycliste Internationale. Over the past ten years, the popularity of BMX has increased significantly. Now he is one of the main event during the annual summer X Games Extreme Sports organized in large part by both near the coast of the United States. Needless to say that at the very beginning of BMX racing / riding bicycles era are not built very similar to BMX bike. Typically, children will simply modify their Schwinn Sting Ray bicycle, by adding knobby tires and motocross handlebars. In addition, they will change frameworks, to gain productivity, stability and strength. Later, the first bicycle, where expressly disposed of a factory for BMX riding, which first introduced. Some of the first builders bicycle BMX as R & R racing products, Webco, RedLine and Mongoose focused on the creation of bicycles, which will be specifically crafted for sport. BMX exit of the first models produced by one Mongoose can be seen as one that is most similar to BMX bicycles today, it features rights tubed, gusseted framework and strong, reinforced handlebars. Furthermore, it is already Motomag wheels and necks of conventional weapons by bicycle. Initial construction BMX bicycle is in order bike witch will be sustainable as possible. However, the weight becomes a serious problem in the racing experience popularity. BMX from all builders, R & R Racing, created the first 3 liras framework witch is not only slight, but it is also very stable. Soon, BMX producers will begin to use lightweight materials like aluminum and chromium, molybdenum for frames; further, wheels made of steel and mag wheels when replaced with wheels made of aluminum with freewheels and caliper brakes. Later, when Freestyle BMX has become more popular, BMX bicycle went through various additions / changes. Although they come from a racing bicycle, which also are equipped with extra seats to put the feet while performing stunts. In addition, very importantly, the need to believe that this is a new era of BMX bicycles to be more persistent racetrack bicycles from. So, the new BMX bicycles targeted at the most free, when much more stable and stronger than those that have been made so far. Finally, at BMX bicycles, where equipped with a feature known as “Gyro”. This device allows management to bar rotated 360 degrees with an unlimited number of revolutions, without cables, brake to tangled. Nowadays, with the explosion of BMX riding there are many more companies which focus on building and improving them. Incidentally, GT, Haro, MBK, Hoffman bicycles, Diamondback and Hutch have established quite a good reputation in the world BMX.


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