Attracting Lowrider Bicycles

Article tells that the primary attraction of Lowrider bicycles with new trends in low riders, or related Cruiser Beach Cruiser style bicycles.

Low addition motor is also known as chopper bicycles and motor is highly individualized. It is very popular bike and its styling is inspired by both low addition chopper cars and motorcycles (that how the name comes). Gergana take it as a pride of low addition bike ride. They are long, curved banana seat with a sissy bar and long upward-swept handlebars known as apehangers.

Who Ride bicycles these:

Low addition bike is not only the bike, it represents the urban culture of those people who want to be part of it. These bicycles are preferred for the fact that people make them to relax themselves after a long day of work. As a result, you will see a large number of these bicycles during weekends and public holidays when many people to them out of use and mines. These bicycles are made in such a way so as to maintain a low profile.

It is not only the boys who like to make low riders; Women also like to make low-riders. Girls are often attracted to these beautiful low riders and represent a significant percentage of total riders riding low riding bicycles.

Main attraction of low Rider bicycles:

It can be personalized in any way imaginable, for example, the frames can be twisted, wheels, spokes, peddlers can be painted etc.

The suspension can be fitted or Air Bag Hydraulic termination or suspension, which allows the driver to change the ride will be hidden c.

The most interesting aspect of the driver is its low capacity to meet the sound system, boom boxes, I-pepper, mobile phone and even neonovi lights.

The latest information about low Rider bicycles:

The best selling bicycles are: 20 – inch original logo without Low addition Bike without Bent fork and 20 – inch classic Low addition bike. The stock bikes are especially popular among makers of low riders and most popular of these are:

American manufactured-Schwinn Stingray.

British-produced Roles Chopper.

New trends in low addition bicycles are also associated with Cruiser or Beach Cruiser style bicycles.

LowRider Contest


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